Pursuant to this Lease Agreement, the MODUS RENT A CAR leases the car indicated on the first page herein, which fully meets the Lessee’s preferences, to the Lesee, upon the following conditions.

1. The Lessee has received the car after having verified that it is in an excellent condition in every respect. The Lessee must return it in the same condition that s/he has received it, with all the tools, wheels, and accessories to the specific location that has been agreed upon and written on the first page herein. Where the Lessee does not deliver the car to the specific location and to an employee of the Lessor Company, it will be considered that s/he has abandoned the car, whereby the appropriate legal consequences will apply in the case of damages or a financial debt to the Company.

2. The rental period is specified in this Agreement. Where the Lessee desires to extend the Lease, s/he must notify the Company 24 hours prior to the initially agreed upon date of return. The Lessor Company has the inalienable right to terminate this contract without consequences, where it deems that the Lessee is detrimental to the Company’s interests or is not observing the road traffic rules and is violating the conditions in this Agreement.

3. The Lessee is obligated during the leasing period to protect the car, to inspect its mechanical condition, oil, water etc, and to inspect the condition of the tyres and whether the car is secure when moving. The Lessee is responsible and obligated to compensate the Company for damages due to a lack of attention. Any violation of the odometer by the Lessee will result in his/her criminal prosecution.

4. The Lessee is obligated to pay for the petrol during the rental period, and to return the car with the same quantity of petrol with which s/he has received it. The Modus Company is not obliged to pay for the extra quantity of petrol that may be in the car.

5. The Lessor Company is not responsible for losses or damages to the clients’ possessions, who are riding in the car, or where the said possessions have been abandoned at the offices before or after the Agreement.

6. When the Lessee is not using the car, s/he must take every possible step to avoid the theft of the car or its accessories.

7. The Lessor Company has made every effort and taken all possible precautions to avoid mechanical damage to the car, and is not responsible for any damage, where any damage causes direct or indirect damage to the Lessee.

8. The Lessee is required to pay for the following collectively:

a) The charges for delivery and collection outside Chania and at a distance greater than 25 km from the Company’s offices, where they have been attributed in this Agreement;

b) The daily compensation for the kilometre surcharge;

c) The insurance compensation in the case where comprehensive insurance has been accepted;

d) The percentage of tax that corresponds to the total of the aforementioned; and

e) Where the Lessee has delayed to return car after the agreed hour s/he will be charged 1/5th of the unlimited kilometres daily charge for every hour.

9. During the lease period it is prohibited to use the car:

a) In violation of this Agreement;

b) To transport passengers or goods for a fee;

c) To transport more passengers than those specified in the car’s traffic permit;

d) To transport heavy objects, noxious cargo, drugs or weapons;

e) To tow another car or trailer;

f) In car racing events, special course events, etc;

g) By every person under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

h) By every person without the prior approval of the Lessor Company;

i) Generally, for every purpose that is contrary to the Greek Laws; and

j) Outside Crete, without the written permission of the Lessor Company.

10. The Lessee is responsible for violations of the K.O.K. (Road Traffic Code) and obligated to pay the consideration for violations that were incurred during the leasing period, even where the aforementioned amounts are demanded after the expiry of the lease.


a) Comprehensive insurance: The Lessee is not responsible for any damages to the car (excluding the insurance for the tyres on the wheels, the interior and the underside of the car) where s/he accepts the conditions herein and pays an additional amount on a daily basis, in accordance with the current invoice.

A necessary condition is that the Lessee will observe the provisions under the K.O.K. that apply on each occasion during the rental period. In the case of the non acceptance of the comprehensive insurance the car will only be covered for the insurance towards third parties, and the Lessee will be fully responsible for any damages that are caused to the car.

b) Personal insurance for passengers: The Lessee, who upon his/her signature accepts the insurance, agrees to pay an additional amount on a daily basis, in accordance with the current invoice. S/he accepts the conditions in the open policy for personal accidents that apply between the Modus Company on behalf of its clients and the Insurance Company with which it is associated for this purpose. Where the Lessee does not want to insure the persons that s/he is transporting in the car, s/he will then be liable for every accident that occurs to these people, whereby the Lessor Company will not have any responsibility.

c) Every insurance cover is up to the level of the compensation amount that is specified in the insurance policy for the car and which is held at the Company’s main offices. The Lessee is wholly responsible for damages and compensation that are greater than the aforementioned cover. Damages to the car that are caused at the Lessee’s responsibility and up to the sum of five hundred (€ 500) Euros are not covered under any insurance.

d) This condition follows the main Agreement and is demonstrated by the Lessee’s signature on the first page herein.

12. In the case of an accident or any other incident, the Lessee is obligated to take the following actions:

a) To summon the police;

b) To record the names and addresses of the witnesses;

c) To not accept any responsibility for the accident until responsibilities have been attributed by the competent authorities;

d) To communicate by telephone or other convenient means with the Company;

e) To record all of the necessary information concerning the accident (name of the other driver, car registration number, etc); and

f) To submit a signed statement that describes the incident to the Company within 24 hours from the accident.

13. The Lessor Company can not waive any right that is specified in this Agreement or included under the legal provisions that apply beyond this Agreement.

14. Delivery problems may compel us to cancel or replace the booked car.

15. The Courts in the city of Chania are competent for resolving any difference that may arise under this Lease.

16. The Modus Company is not obligated to refund any money prior to the expiry of the agreed upon lease.

17. Any Lessee under 23 years of age is fully responsible for any damages sustained by the vehicle.

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