Modus Rent a Car recommends some of the most important sights on Crete that are worth visiting so that you can enjoy the drive around our beautiful island!

Venetian port at Chania

The Venetian port is picturesque at any time of the season. Its beauty and choices in entertainment attract both visitors and the locals and it caters for everyone’s tastes and demands. The districts in the old city "within the walls" have preserved their Venetian nobility. The narrow cobblestone streets are surrounded by tastefully restored houses from various ages and are ideal for a leisurely stroll. Many neoclassic houses have also survived in districts such as Halepa that are "adjacent" to the city of Chania.

The Venizelos Graves

The Gravesite of the Venizelos family is one of the most popular spots with panoramic views of the city of Chania and is just a few kilometres east of the city on the road to Akrotiri and the airport.

This is the site with the graves of the renowned Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos and his son Sophocles Venizelos as well as the small church dedicated to the Prophet Elias.

A very beautiful park full of greenery and unobstructed views of Chania has been developed around the graves.


Falasarna beach is the most western part of Crete and is located in its namesake town. It is accessible by car and has become famous for its crystal clear waters and its unspoiled beauty. It is quiet and very romantic and not tourist oriented. It is worth a visit to relax in the beautiful unspoilt landscape and to enjoy perhaps the most glorious sunset on Crete!


t is located at its namesake town 67 km from Chania, between Paleochora and Agia Roumeli. Sougia is surrounded by a lush landscape where you can find hotels, cafes and restaurants for a pleasant and relaxing stay in the town. Sougia beach with its countless pebbles is on the list of the cleanest beaches in Greece. On the main beach there are umbrellas, sun beds and showers and nearby you will find smaller beaches for sunbathing and nudity.


Paleochora is a coastal town that is located on the southwest coast of Crete, 70 km from Chania. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays. There are a lot of beaches that are suitable for both swimming and sports activities. The weather conditions at this location are very favourable for windsurfing and kite surfing. It is indeed a beautiful region that is perfectly organised and can offer everything to its visitors for accommodation and a pleasant vacation.



Elafonisi is perhaps the most popular beach on all of Crete and is situated at its south west section. You can visit it by boat from Paleochora or by road driving south west from Chania. It is a paradise on earth with its white – pink coloured sand and turquoise waters. It is perhaps the most cosmopolitan beach in the prefecture and is always full of people of all ages over the summer months.

Gramvousa or Mpalos

You will find it on the most western part of the island and it is an extremely idyllic beach. It is quite a popular exotic location that is worth visiting! The best way to get there is by a day trip with a cruise ship. Daily services are available from Kissamo port. Balos is very popular with visitors over summer, so it is worth going for a dip in its enchanting waters!


Frangocastello is located in the Sfakia region on the south coast to the west of Crete, 13 kilometres east of Chora at Sfakia.

Frangocastello is a small coastal town with a few houses and many rental rooms and apartments for tourists. It is renowned for its namesake Venetian castle, which is very well preserved, its beautiful beaches and the well-known "Drosoulites", the "ghosts" that appear at dawn in the month of May. Many monuments have been built in the region throughout the centuries, but very few have survived down to the present day. Many have been destroyed in the wars and revolutions in the region, and the stones from the ruins were used in the castle construction.

Lake Kourna

Lake Kourna is the solitary fresh water lake on Crete. In antiquity Lake Kourna was known as Korisia, but later took on its present day name from the Arabic word for the lake.

It is situated in a very beautiful location precisely below the namesake town, in a depression between the hills, approximately 4 km from Georgioupoli in the Chania prefecture.


Old Rethymno city

Old Rethymno city is one of the best preserved Renaissance cities. It is located in the heart of modern day Rethymno and combines the oriental aspect of the Turkish occupation with the Renaissance and Venetian architecture.

In the old city you will find numerous places for a meal, coffee or a drink, gifts and local products.


The old Cretan fishing town of Plakias with its small port is situated in an exceptionally beautiful landscape between the azure Libyan Sea and the massive and imposing mountains that end at one of the most beautiful bays on the south coast.

Plakias is approximately an hour and a half away from Chania or Herakleion. Many years ago there were only a few houses, but due to its exceptional location, the town has now spread to cover the increasing tourist demands. Everything you need is available at Plakias. There are stores, supermarkets, a great variety of establishments for food and drink, night clubs, etc. The beautiful view to the sea overlooks the curved bay, which is ideal for swimming, recreation, relaxation and sunbathing. The surrounding hills provide magnificent treks with trails through the olive trees.

Minoan Palace of Knossos

The Minoan Palace is the main visitor site at Knossos and was a significant city in antiquity with continuous habitation from the Neolithic age down to the 5th century AD.

It is situated 5 km from the centre of Herakleion city, along the road to Archanes. The palace has been built on Kefalas hill and provides easy access to the sea and the Crete hinterland. According to tradition it was the headquarters of the wise king Minos. Exciting myths of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur and Daedalus and Icarus are linked to the Palace of Knossos.

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